Saturday, February 3, 2018

15 Great Teaching Ideas for February

1. Learn about  Rosa Parks on Refusing to Give Up Her Seat and Changing the World. Listen to her speech and interview.

2. Constitution Day Mexico: National Holiday:  

Try this Web Quest about Mexico.

3. Waitangi Day. New Zealand's National Holiday. Learn about New Zealand's National Holiday.

4. The Saami People's Day, Norway. Fishing Regulations and the Saami People. Learn about ideas of  Climate Justice in Sápmi: Áslat Holmberg.

5. Winter Olympics Events. PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games. Watch live streaming and best Olympic videos.

6. National Pizza Day. Take a quiz! Hands Off That Pizza! Quiz,

Thats Amore, and The Pizza Quiz.

7. Washington and Lincoln's Birthday. Create some Presidents Day Crafts.

8. Royal Hobart Regatta Australia (Tasmania) State Holiday. Read about Tasmania. What events would you like to join in?

9. World Radio Day. Watch: AT&T Operators Recall War of the Worlds Broadcast. Listen to: War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells.

10. Valentines Day. Have your student create free Printable Cards: Valentines Day for Kids.

11. Susan B Anthony. Read a Biography of Susan B. Anthony. Have your students create a time line or poster of her accomplishments.

12. Chinese New Year. Read about China Family Adventures.

13. Random Acts of Kindness Day. Download Random Acts of Kindness for Educators Resources. Choose the best ideas for your classes.

14. National Love Your Pet Day. Watch Love Your Pet Day. Have your class research, write, and draw about their pets or favorite animals.

15. National Chili Day. Try some great chili recipes and have a teacher-parent cook-off! Great day for instructing students in measurement and fractions.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Free Happy New Year Word Search and Key

FREE Auld Lang Syne, extravaganza, festive, and Gregorian calendar are some of the words you can find in this word search. Happy New Year!

Please provide feedback. Thank you!

Use grade level academic and domain-specific words and phrases, signal actions, emotions, or states of being that are basic to a topic.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

20 Holiday Classroom Break Ideas for Teachers

Looking for some classroom break ideas before-you-go for the holidays and/or just-back-in from the New Year?

1. New England Town Brings Rockwell's Christmas to Life
The town of Stockbridge creates a New England town setting- just like a Norman Rockwell painting of an American Christmas.

2. Christmas in Sweden

A very charming film which includes children flying from here over to Sweden, the Swedish language and magical scenes.

3. 10 Signs That You Are Highly Intelligent
They are signs, and we are all sure to have some!

4. Aussie Jingle Bells
  An Aussie Jingle Bells with lyrics & Australian bush animation.

5. The Ronettes Sleigh Ride Song
  Sing along to this familiar tune with the lyrics.

6. Mele Kalikimaka
    It is nice to think warm thoughts with this Hawaiian Christmas song.

7. Kana Kaloka
   Here comes Santa Claus, and there is sand here.

Feliz Navidad
   Jose Feliciano's famous song... got to listen to this one.

9. Christmas In Spain 
A very nice film about how Christmas is celebrated with family and traditions.

10. How the Grinch Stole Christmas Clip: I Hate
How the young Grinch begins to not like his classmates.

11. 500,000 Christmas Lights
Every year, a man in Bucken, Germany decorates his home for Christmas and with fabulous results.

12. Top 3 Christmas light Displays Across America
Light decorations pop from all around the United States.

13. Trista Lights 2016 Christmas Light Show
Featured light shows.

14. Carols of the Bells
Trans-Siberian Orchestra performs classics with an upbeat twist.

15. Best Neighborhood Synchronized Christmas Lights

16. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 哈爾濱國際冰雪節
Wonderful ice structures, slides and sculptures and more in this yearly festival.

17. Our Global Kitchen: Celebrations - Chinese New Year
Why certain foods are selected and eaten during the Chinese New Year.

A tale for young students about Chinese New Year.
Find out how astronauts celebrate New Year's Eve.

20. Dubai New Years Eve Fireworks
Beautiful fireworks ripple across multiple buildings in Dubai.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Thanksgiving To Do List for Teachers


   What to do about Thanksgiving learning? I have been searching the web, and there is so much learning material on the Pilgrims and the life of William Bradford, which is mostly all interesting and inspiring. But what about Squanto, and the culture of the Native Americans?

   This way of life is also important to understand. The Native Americans might have a different philosophy than Europeans on what is, or was important in life. Many of their old customs involved concern about land management, and conservation. For example, the Southeastern woodland people used concepts such as burning the fields, intercropping and multiple cropping to keep the soil rich. They planted nut and fruit trees in the same field, which helped aid the fertility of the soil. They were not hunter gatherers, but farmers who lived in settlements. They also believed that the land belonged to everyone in the village, and the gardens were communal. A Native American belief was and is, to respect all people. All of this was a far cry from what I had learned in school.

  The first explorers happen to carry small pox and other diseases. It has been said that over 90% of the Native Americans had died of European diseases by the time the Pilgrims had arrived. My husband, whose grandmother was an Apache, said that if the Native Americans had resistance to the diseases, the Pilgrims and others would of had a terrible time establishing themselves here.

   Thanksgiving might be a good time to study cultures that have been misunderstood for generations. Here are some of my favorite short films and books.

1. A narrative film about the life of William Bradford.

2. The Surprising Origin of Thanksgiving Foods.

3. Who was Squanto?

4. The Ten Commandments of the Native Americans.

5. The Pilgrims: Story Time with Mr. Bean.

6. A Quote of William Bradford.


1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving, by Catherine O'Neill Grace and Margaret M. Bruchac.

Squanto's Journey: The Story of the First Thanksgiving,  by Joseph Bruchac

The Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving, by Ann McGovern  

The Island of the Blue Dolphin, by Scott O'Dell

Great Speeches by Native Americans, by Bob Blaisdell

The Journal of Jasper Jonathan Pierce: A Pilgrim Boy, Plymouth, 1620, by Ann Rinaldi


Native American Netroots. (2017). Diary 1277. Retrieved from

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

19 Halloween Learning Ideas for Teachers

   Halloween and harvest are exciting events. From spooky houses to trick or treating, and corn mazes, it's a great time for families. But, it's also a fun time to learn, teach, and create. I've compiled a list of interesting ideas for teachers that will save you some time. I hope that you will use some of these ideas in your classroom this year!

Learning Ideas for Halloween

1. Make your own Jack O' Lantern, Halloween Letters, spelling cards, mosaics, puzzles for primary grades.

2. Halloween card creator, Happy Halloween with Arthur, Going Batty (need a web cam) and Cyber Chase  Disguise Combos.

3. Smarty Math Games with basic math facts practice.

4. Transylmania 2, Halloween Word Dig,Creepy Cooking and other elementary school games.

5. Halloween Mountain includes games with Halloween Hangman, Graveyard Golf, Skeleton Cannon and other games for elementary.

6. Printable worksheets and other games for Halloween for ESL.

7. Halloween and other memory games for primary aged students.

8. Halloween party games for elementary to middle school such as Pop goes the Pumkin, Pumkin Pinada, decorations such as Plaster Bones, spiders and more.

9. Halloween word search puzzles, such as Dracula's Word Search,  Scary Words Word Search, Creepy Crossword Puzzle and other puzzles.

10. 11 Classic Halloween Movies for Kids

11. 134 Halloween games with great animation.

12. Halloween Division Grade 4

13. Halloween Games, Catch the Candy, Natural selection 2 and other Haloween type games.

14. Teaching Ideas from Pinterest

15. 9 pages of Halloween ideas for ESL kids.

16. Halloween Stories by Chuck Larkin

17. Halloween Safety Coloring Book

18. Halloween Word Scramble

19. Halloween ideas from snacks to books to circle time songs.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Web Quest Learning

   I have always loved webquests. They are likened to treasure hunts used as a learning tool. 

The webquest helps learners to focus on a certain theme by involving them in a kind of adventure. Then, your students find information on a topic. Sometimes in the process, students portray certain characters, create products, join an expedition, or work as a group to create a presentation or solve a problem. So, a student might be able to use his or her own creativity in the learning action.

   Unfortunately, the freebie webquest is mostly an item of the past. There are many subscription type services where you can buy them now. But you, as a teacher, could make them yourself. Webquests can be time consuming to make. But, they can motivate and magnify your students' enjoyment of learning. This is cause enough to create them.

   There are many imaginative ways to present your concept ideas. Plus, you might decide to sell webquests on a subscription service, or from your own webpage. Here are some examples of web quests that I found on the Internet. Check them out.

Anasazi Web Quest
This web quest helps students learn about the Anasazi by traveling back in time.

California Indians
How did the natives survive? Students become representatives of a tribe and participate in an Indian ceremony.

Destroyers or Decomposers?
Do animals, such as vultures, only spread diseases, and contaminate crops? Learners find out about what certain and sometimes unwanted animals do for our environment.

Life on Plymouth Plantation
This web quest is about Plymouth Rock in 1620. Learners discover what life was like in the colonial period by participating in activities.

Oregon Trail
Explore the Oregon Trail as a scout. Then, tell the wagon train people what to look for in their journey.

Patriots in Petticoats
Learn about women who helped our nation become free and independent of Great Britain.

Pizza Family Reunion
Your mission to is make enough pizzas for a family reunion. Can you do it?

Who Wants to be a Millionare?
Discover how to earn, save and invest money to earn 1 million dollars in your lifetime.

Wonders of an Eclipse
Learners become president of science club while raising awareness about solar,  lunar eclipses and phases of the moon.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Must See Virtual Field Trips for School

"Today, we are going to set sail on an e-cruise to the Acadia National Park, class."


"Here we are in Florence, Italy at the site of a museo, class." 


"Time to see the Statue of Liberty, learners!"

"Ah, let me share some information with you about one of my favorite statues."

   The virtual field trip. Virtual field trips are not only a no to low cost way of seeing other places not normally accessible to school children. They are an excellent way to teach and to learn. There are some astonishing great virtual field trips. But, it takes some hours searching to find them.

   Here are some terrific virtual field trips that I've found that would be useful with many an objective and lesson plans. Maybe you have found some especially good virtual field trips that you'd like to share?

Colonial Williamsburg

   An interactive tour of the Revolutionary City, people, place, life, trades, clothing, fifes & drums and gardens.

National Gallery of Art

Search the collection to learn about painting, sculpture, photographs and more.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Je dois en dire plus?

Museo Galileo Virtual Museum

Devo dire di più?

Acadia National Park eCruise

Visit light houses and museums as you take a trip around Maine's Acadia National Park. Stunning!

Taj Mahal

मैं और अधिक कहने की जरूरत है?

Great Wall of China


Statue of Liberty

Need I say more?

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Take a tour of past, permanent and other exhibits.

Google Cultural Institute

Take a walk around the Palace of Versailles, France or stroll up and down the terraces of Machu Picchu.

The Holocaust: A Learning Site for Students

  This site is recommended for children 11 years and over.