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    Hi, I'm Lynn from TiePlay Educational Resources. I've worked with kids for over fourteen years and love to use kid friendly learning tools. I have many hobbies including, creating educational materials for teachers. I am a big history buff and I try to learn new things every day.Teachers are always welcome to become a guest author. Just fill out the form on http://www.tieplayeducationalresourcellc.com/p/guest-blog.html (Tieplay Educational Resources). 


Creating kid friendly learning tools for teachers.

                                  HONORS/AWARDS/SHINING TEACHER MOMENT

   I have been featured as an author on Teacher's Notebook.com, Minds in Bloom, What I Have Learned and Quest Teaching. In October 2017, Halloween Gnome Town Map Skills was chosen as a featured product on Teacher's Notebook. I am also a Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) member, an international honor society in education for teachers. Read my blog post on TN, Increase Classroom Student Engagement. http://blog.teachersnotebook.com/general/increase-classroom-student-engagement/

                                         MY OWN EDUCATIONAL HISTORY

ED.S Curriculum and Teaching, M.Ed Education, Technology, and B.S. Exceptional Child, Learning Disabilities

                                 ADDITIONAL BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION

I am originally from Schenectady, New York.


  1. Are you going to the TPT Conference?

    Gifted and Talented Materials By Joyce Lansky

  2. Joyce,
    I will be going on a very much long awaited vacation to Saint Thomas with my husband at that time. I plan to attend the next TPT Conference, 'though!
    Thank you for asking! :)

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