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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Smita Keisser, Artist and Illustrator


Hi, my name is Smita Keisser, a
 wife and mother of 2 boys. I have been a Bible Study Teacher and Tutor for more than
 20 years. As retirement approaches, I have dived into being an Artist & Illustrator. have always loved drawing & painting using charcoal, pen & ink, watercolor, acrylic, oil and gouache!

I use both Arts, traditional and digital to create one-of-a-kind illustrations and turn them into Printable Art, Digital E-Cards, Scrapbooking Designs, Clip Art, Patterns, Digital E-Cards and so much more.

 I want to introduce to you my Digital E-Cards for Kids Mental Health, Well-being support. I created these simple little cards of encouragement with affirmation, positive, uplifting & commendation words and phrases.  like “You Rock!  Or “You are Awesome”. 

All the graphics/clip art are hand drawn by me which I then digitize. Send them to your students by email or text. They are a social media friendly size. A simple support note in paper or digital format from a teacher can do a world of good to kids of all ages!


They come as a set of 10 Digital Jpeg Files in my TPT Shop!

There is a Freebie to grab, too.

My TPT Shop: