Thursday, August 1, 2019

Flash freebie from now until ?

FLASH FREEBIE The seafaring beachy blue and sandy shell background make this fun banner stand out. This banner states, "Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!" Weigh Anchor Classroom Banner contributes to a fun classroom atmosphere for multiple subject areas.
For each letter...
8.5" width
11" height

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Saturday, May 25, 2019
Just to let you know, I've been featured as an author on Go
Figure by Scipi. Check it out here.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Summer Learning Journeys

I've found these cool summer learning fun activities for summer school, parents and the homeschooler.

A terrific site with ideas for summer learning in a small amount of time. Cute organizational worksheets are free. A reading list is available for Kindergarten to young adults makes finding good books easy.

 Math problems to be solved in the problem of the week along with key in the following week.

Play a mars rover game and look for water. Find out about other interactive mars games, sending postcards and new discoveries.

A science project dedicated to pollinators, get free bee identification cards and sign up for various programs.

5. Learn all about birdhouses

Know what kind of species you can attract by making different sorts of birdhouses. Also learn about species of birds in your area.


Free Preschool and Kindergarten learning packets to download made by a reading teacher.

7.  Ocean activities for kids sensory crafts printables educational

Designed for primary grades, octopus crafts, egg carton turtles, to jigglin' jellyfish cupcakes, these fun, sensory oceanic projects will keep your students' attention.

8.  30 fun summer ideas for teens and their parents

From family fitness routines and reading groups to service projects, these ideas might be shown to parents.


8o more ideas for summer such as, putting on a magic show, building a clubhouse or fort, skipping rocks, having a garage sale, creating a lemonade stand and more.


Learn a foreign language, such as Spanish, with this award winning program.


Give parents some helpful hints on what to do this summer to have their children to continue to learn.


A nice summer packet with make-a-science kit suggestions, watch chemical reactions with baking soda and vinegar, create a simple machine, use scissors and play dough for motor skills.


Coding for grades 3-5 has a free trial period.


Summer printables and learning worksheets for elementary school students.


Camping themes for math, science and literacy, songs, poems, recipes and crafts for elementary school students.


Dancing raisins? Homemade bouncing balls? Floating versus sinking eggs? Try these and 12 more science experiments for elementary children.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Bundle Tens Frames Math Add Subtract Counters Activity Seasonal Holiday

In Add or Subtract with Tens Frames Holiday and Seasonal Bundle, learners answer math questions with recording sheets and super cute tens frames as a visual/manipulative tool for seasons, holidays and just plain fun 'round the year. Just print and go.
Adding or Subtracting Within 20 Holiday and Seasonal Bundle can be used as...

  • a class game
  • in cooperative groups
  • a math center station
  • a small group intervention
  • an assessment
  • for extra credit
  • for early finishers

This Adding or Subtracting within 20 Bundle includes...
  • 11 student recording sheets
  • 11 tens frame counters
  • 330 task cards
  • 11 keys
  • 22 awards cards
  • tips for teachers
The following season/holidays are included...
  • 1 fall
  • 1 summer
  • 1 spring
  • 1 winter
  • 2 Christmas themes
  • 1 Thanksgiving Theme
  • 2 Halloween Themes
Plus 2 non- seasonal fun themes to be used at any time, Count the Donuts and Count the Cupcakes.
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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

And It's Spring 15 Classroom Learning Activities

Spring Classroom Learning Activities

1. Growing Seeds

All of us know about growing seeds, but growing seeds in an eggshell? Have your students observe what is happening at each stage of a seed's growth.

2. At Risk Species

From the National Wildlife Federation students in grade 3-4 and 5-8 learn about what makes a species at risk for extinction.

3. Anemometer

Build an anemometer and find out about wind speeds.

4. Make a Nature Journal

Print out the Sierra Club nature journal template and begin recording observations of the outdoors.

5. Spring Puzzles

Spring themed fun puzzles for elementary grades.

6. Spring Festival of Colors

Learn about this unique Indian festival.

7. News for Kids

This newspaper for children tells of current events in the world.

8. Spring Poem

Create a spring acrostic poem with this worksheet.

9. Reading Challenge

Have your students read to win.

10. Spring Tales Reading Challenge

Free worksheets to go along with the books.

11. Exercise Games

Hallway bowling? Sock skating around the room? Bubble Smashing? Fun exercise games for indoor class activities.

12. Science Activities

 Fourteen STEM science experiments for students.

13. Best Fantasy Books

The ten best fantasy books for young readers. Spot some of your favorites?

14. Spring Music

Sing poetry with these lyrics and classic tunes.

15. Music Tools

Music worksheet templates and materials for your classroom.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

FLASH FREEBIE from Now Until?

FLASH FREEBIE Your student will have fun reading and color coding! Use Spring Phonics Color by Code as
  • a whole group activity
  • an English Language Arts center station
  • an intervention
  • homework
  • an assessment
Spring Phonics Color by Code includes:
  • Short vowel sounds of a, e, i , o, u
  • 16 color by code and worksheets activities
  • answer key
  • teaching tips

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