Monday, February 29, 2016

Amazing Monarch Butterflies

                                                      The Magnificent Monarchs

   It's a mystery that scientist still don't understand. The migration of the monarch butterfly, which is, interestingly, timed to the equinox. Each year, thousand of monarchs travel 3,000 miles from Canada to Mexico and back to the US Gulf Coast states. About 20 years ago, there were an estimated 1 billion monarchs. Today, there are only 35 million. Studies indicate the loss of the milkweed plant is a major problem. Milkweed is the monarch's only food source.

   There are ways people can help the monarch butterfly. Some of the ways involve (a) planting milkweed, and (b) reporting monarch observations. Plans are being made to encourage farmers and landowners to plant millions of acres of milkweed per year.
   I have developed a list of sources such as lesson plans, video presentations, worksheets and activities that might assist educators in a monarch butterfly unit. Let's heighten awareness of the monarch butterfly's unfavorable conditions and what we as citizens can do to help.

Amazing Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly

Butterfly Life Cycle
Butterfly Life Cycle is 24 pages of lesson plans for K-2 and 3-4, activities, extensions, and worksheets to include: The Life Cycle of a Butterfly, Butterfly Threats, Pollination Partners: An Inquiry Investigation, Flower Diagram, The Great Butterfly Migration, North America Map, Assessments, Create a Schoolyard Butterfly Habitat and more.
Monarchs and Milkweed
Monarchs & Milkweed - Yosemite Nature Notes - Episode 24 is an 8 minute video,
Protecting Pollinators Fact Sheet
Protecting Monarchs Fact Sheet has 2 pages.
Monarch Friendly Habitat
A Guide to Creating a Monarch Friendly Habitat- 36 pages
Monarch Butterfly Winter Migration
2 minute video
Rise in the Number of Butterflies
2 minute video
Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis
Metamorphosis Time-Lapse
3 minute video
Why 90% of Monarch Butterflies Disappeared Video
3 minute video
Butterfly Garden Tips
3 minute video
Monarch Butterfly Needs Your Help
3 minute video

Conant, E. (2014). As dwindling monarch butterflies make their migration, feds try to save them. Retrieved from

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