Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kingdom Fungi


    The fungus are among us. Are they plants? No, fungus are species of the fungi kingdom. This kingdom includes yeasts, rusts, mold, mildew and mushrooms. Fungi live in the earth, air, and water. Fungus also lives on plants and animals. Fungi are found everywhere and are vital to the environment. Fungi helps to work away at organic matter and then discharges oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus into the atmosphere.

   Interesting research on fungi is being done to make packaging and other materials that can be thrown away without harming the environment. Fungi matter may replace the use of many plastics and is said to feel like rubber.  Even prospects of creating fungi furniture are in the works. Scientists state that with this new research, our world will look very different within the next 20 years without the heavy use of plastics.

I've found some interesting videos, songs and lesson plans about kingdom fungi that will be fun and rewarding to use in your classroom.

Intro to Fungus Booklet -17 Pages
Educators Mushroom Kit
The Good, the Bad and the Fungi
4H: The Fungus Among Us -58 pages
Yeast: A Helpful Fungus
Behold the Mold
Fungus Garden.
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Fungus, The Plastic of the Future. (2015) Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnMXH5TqqG8

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