Wednesday, June 1, 2016

End of Year Activities

   The beginning of the school year is the greatest time to celebrate. Right? But, end of the year festivities are very essential, too. According to psychologists, it's important to have end of year activities from both an academic and emotional point of view (Eggelston & Smith, 2002). End of year activities not only provides students with feelings of bonding and achievement. Saying goodbye can also decrease anxiety. 

   Some end of year ideas that might work well in your class can involve summarizing the most important class goals of the year. A PowerPoint, video or slideshow can demonstrate what objectives have been accomplished and what students have learned. Teachers might also give out keepsakes, such as photographs or other small items so students can remember the good times. Students should not only be allowed to say goodbye to friends, but also to other teachers and employees within the building. Classes might even develop a memory book that others can sign. Finally, the teacher might give a short parting speech or engage kids in other sendoff activities to give conclusiveness to the class. But, wait, there is more! Read on for more farewell celebration ideas.

Eggleston, T., & Smith, G.(2002, March). Parting ways: Ending your course. Retrieved from

School Year Recap Video
Animoto shows how to make a school year video.

Games for the Elementary Music Classroom
This resource has 34 pages of  recommended links, activities, dance, videos, learning centers, games such as Musical Twister (grades 4th and 5th), Musical Hangman (grades 2nd - 5th) and Rhythm Matching (grades K-5). These games could work for other classes besides music class.

Non-Food Rewards
This packet has 26 pages of ideas for rewards that can be used through the year. There are some neat ideas for end of  year student rewards, too, such as Compass Course, It’s a Tie and more.

Lets Be Friends
The Ophelia Project shows eight lessons (48 pages) on how to be friends and teaches children good social behaviors. These kinds of lessons are always a good idea.

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