Saturday, June 11, 2016

Please Welcome Jeff Nathan, Award Winning Children's Author

  About Jeff: 
    Known as Boston's Animated Children's Author, Jeff Nathan travels internationally to bring his CurricuLaughs in Language Arts programming to elementary school students. The programming applies performing arts, music, and boatloads of HUMOR to the most difficult aspects of language arts at each grade level (see Incredible Assemblies). His recently released personalized interactive mystery for early-middle readers won a Ben Franklin Award for innovation in children's literature (see Sherlock and Me). Jeff is most known for his very silly children's humorous poetry, leveraged heavily in his school visit programming.

 How ADHD Students Help Education

   Growing up with ADHD before there was such a diagnosis, I was labeled everything from "weird" to "troublemaker" and all because I had trouble keeping my attention where it "belonged". After my first book was published in 2000, I discovered my need to help those who struggle, as I did, to direct their attention "appropriately". I created a set of programs intended to pull in even ME, a product of two ADHD parents—something that would be so much fun, so entertaining, and so humorous that even I would have learned from it. And I HAVE learned from it. I've learned that what is absolutely critical to draw in the ADHD student is extremely beneficial for the rest of the classroom, too. It's a pretty simple concept that some teachers employ so well: MAKE LEARNING A FUN EXPERIENCE!

   I now travel internationally to talk about the ADHD mind, where it wanders, and why because I want teachers to better understand these students. I outline why these kids beat themselves up day in and day out and how to help them. The key messages that come out of these talks are pretty simple: Show these kids that you care and MAKE LEARNING A FUN EXPERIENCE! Dress up and take on the role of a character from a book they are reading. Put the describing concepts of adjectives into a song that the kids can sing and act out, create The Simile and Metaphor Game. These are a few elements that I put into my programs to help the ADHD students. It was certainly exciting to find out that it was helping the rest of the classroom, as well, but as I started sharing strategies to make the classroom more fun with teachers through my ADHD talks. I started getting e-mail about how much fun it was bringing to the teachers!

   If you're a bit timid or worried about doing this, the end of the year is a great time to jump in and give it a try. You may be surprised at how enjoyable it is for everyone, especially YOU!

                                                      Warm Regards,
                                                         Jeff Nathan   

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2015 Ben Franklin Award Winning Author, Jeff Nathan
presents CurricuLaughs in Language Arts
Curriculum-tied Language Arts Education through HUMOR

“…a blend of the genuine innocence of Mr. Rogers, the slap-stick comedy of the Three Stooges, and the intellectual drama of Shakespeare…”
Ann L. Freitag, Principal, Hinsdale Elementary School, Hinsdale, NH

"… the most productive, effective, and purposeful set of programs we have had…"
Connie Brown, Principal, Randolph Howell Elementary School, Columbia, TN
Incredible Assemblies

"Share the gift of reading enjoyment; give kids a book that they'll love."
A dual-award-winner kids love is at Sherlock and Me

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