Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Please Welcome Kristin Jason

  About Kristin: 
   Hello everyone! My name is Kristin Jason, and I’m a teacher. I’ve taught both second and third grades in both regular education and inclusion. I’ve also been the moderator for a STEM club after school called High Flyers, which is tons of fun. I absolutely love being a teacher, and I really enjoy finding new ways and technologies to challenge and excite my students about learning. I’m married with two awesome boys, ages 8 and 5, who definitely keep me on my toes!

Integrating Technology into Math-Practical Tips for Every Day!

   Teachers these days have so much on our to-do list! We have to differentiate, post and meet objectives, use teamwork and partnerships in learning, teach using all of the learning styles, and of course, integrate technology into all of our lessons! It’s very easy to use the Smart Board in lessons and to have a computer center for students in our daily center rotations, but how can you integrate technology in new and exciting ways that will engage and challenge your students?
                                                Do you Kahoot?
   Kahoot is an engaging and fun way to review topics or check understanding. It’s a free site that can be used with iPads or cell phones, and can be found at First, set up a free teacher account. You can create your own Kahoot quiz based on a specific math topic at, or you can search the free available “kahoots” (quizzes). Choose how many players you will have- you can use it with individual player devices, or it can be used in teams (which is a great option if you don’t have as many iPads). You will get a unique kahoot PIN, and players can go to and enter the PIN to join. Next, once all of the players are ready and the kahoot is projected on a SmartBoard or similar device, it’s time to play! After the kahoot is done, you can click on “Feedback and Results” to find out how the students performed and analyze the results. I love using this as a review before a math test, or as an informal assessment at the beginning of a new unit to see how much students know about a topic. You can use this in any subject area, and the students really love it!

How About Tagxedo?

   Another great free site that allows you to integrate both technology and ELA into math is I love to have students brainstorm lists of words related to a math topic either independently or with a partner. For example, for multiplication, one student listed: product, fact, times, repeated addition, memorize, and fun. After coming up with a list, students can then load their words into the website under “load”, and spin their words to generate the word cloud. They can then choose the shape and color of their word clouds. Print these out and make an amazing math bulletin board or classroom display.

Interactive PowerPoints

   My favorite way to teach math is with interactive PowerPoints on the SmartBoard. Since my district uses EnVisions math, I have created topic PowerPoints for each topic. Each day’s lesson consists of a warm-up, a Think & Write (which can also be used as a Turn & Talk), related vocabulary, examples and step by step directions, practice, and word problems. I have created these topic PowerPoints for second grade, third grade, and fourth grade and they are for sale at For a free sample of the products, check out Even if your district does not use EnVisions, you can still look at the lessons and topics presented and modify them to fit your curriculum as needed. My students love to use these with slates and markers. I’ve found they are much more engaged in lessons and I always feel organized and ready to teach.   
   With districts doing frequent and unannounced walk-throughs and observations to look for technology integration, these are some easy ways to make sure you are always ready for anything in your classroom! Last but not least, I’m also a teacher-seller at Teachers PayTeachers,
    I love creating products for my students that hopefully will also benefit many other teachers and students, too!

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