Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summer Scavenger Hunts


   A scavenger hunt can be great fun for the whole family. Even an entire neighborhood can join in on the fun! What is a typical scavenger hunt like? A scavenger hunt offers clues to the participants. Using riddles, rhymes or even poetry, kids and adults find the answers to clues that ultimately lead them to the treasure. The treasure can be as simple as chocolate coin candy, to water balloons or even small toys and gifts.     


                                         down the narrow pathway,
                                         past the golden field,
                                        look for the clue that remains concealed.

  A scavenger hunt can be implemented in a variety of ways. In the past, I have used the riddles and rhymes version. The kids and adults in the neighborhood help to create the scavenger hunt clues. What a great way to learn or review riddles, rhymes and poetry writing skills. If they all want to participate in the hunt, two groups can create clues for two scavenger hunts.

  If outdoors, a scavenger hunt needs to be planned in a safe location. So, look over your area carefully. Once, I had an outdoor scavenger hunt and a band of ground digger wasps attacked. Not a good plan! Make sure you investigate the area and have a safe space away from water, traffic, pesky pets, and pests. A public park is usually a great place.

  When different age groups want to get involved, that is terrific! But, perhaps older children or adults can pair up with the smaller children to avoid clue knowledge advantages.

    Have helpers set up an hour or so before the start of your scavenger hunt, and some to clean up afterwards, too. A scavenger hunt ties in nicely with a barbecue get-together. But, most of all, have fun and enjoy your neighborhood companions.


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