Sunday, September 11, 2016

Flash Freebie on 9/16- 9/17

    Grab a flash freebie! These are the gh’oul times! Halloween Cackles involves two-syllable words with long vowels sounds and irregular words in a glue and paste lesson. Halloween Cackles can be used at a literacy center or as a review. In a whole group setting, a Smartboard/white board with projector or document camera is suggested for the presentation.

This lesson includes suggestions for the teacher, web links to lessons and...

1. Long Sounds of O and E
2. Long Sounds of I and U
3. Long Sounds of A and E
4. The Pumpkin Patch Store
5. Going Trick or Treating
6. The Spook House
7. The Hocus Pocus Party
8. The Masquerade Parade
9. Teacher's Key Educational Resources/halloween-cackles/ff/1121/blog

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