Sunday, January 15, 2017

January Freebie for the next 30 days

Hi Teachers and Parents!

    I thought it would be terrific to have a freebie of the month, as much as I love free stuff. So, this month, download a packet of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy for Black History month or MLK Jr.'s Day.

                      You have 30 days or until 2/15 to grab your freebie! 

       After reading about and discussing MLK Jr., have your students download this mini lesson and participate in a cooperative game. But first, please look over the Common Core (listed below) to see if the objectives will suit the needs of your students.

Freebie for the Next 30-Days Only Martin Luther King Jr's Legacy US History

  This lesson includes:

directions to play a game, and use at a center
optional directions to the teacher,
optional video links,
links to printable lessons,
46 task cards,
short story of Martin Luther King Jr.,
and 2 student awards cards.

Your feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you!
 As always, I would love to hear from you.

        Get ready for a mid-February freebie. It is a mystery!


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