Friday, January 6, 2017

New Lollipop Lisa Book Series by Sharon Skretting


Lollipop Lisa Series Promises to Entertain as Much as it Informs

   We all know them, perhaps you've seen them in your classroom —those students who rarely settle into reading a book. In fact, they would seemingly do anything but read. Are your students intimidated by longer books? They want to read the longer diary type books like Diary of A Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries, that are so popular, but they never seem to finish them. Too many pages and too many words intimidate them. Even if the book looks interesting, they will shy away from a thick novel.

   It's not your fault. As their teacher, you've tried everything. You've provided extra support, extra time—a lot of extra time. Still, they seem unengaged and uninterested. If only you could hook them into a good reading series. A series that can capture and captivate. A series that introduces a main character with which they can identify, laugh, and adore.

   Wait no longer. Lollipop Lisa has arrived! Lisa is the sassy new character that will give your students a new reason to read! Furthermore, Lisa's short, hilarious, diary accounts of the zany events in her life will have your kids laughing while they learn and learn while they're laughing!

   As an author, and a teacher I'm so excited to finally bring Lisa to life for readers aged 6 - 10 years old. Having taught for over twenty years, I've seen plenty of disengaged kids over the years. That's why I wrote this book series specifically for those hard to engage readers. These stories have all the elements that I know will move and motivate the kids to want to read more. This is a new brand of nonfiction! The Lollipop Lisa series promises to entertain as much as it informs.

   What are teachers saying about it?

   Where can you get it? Spider Quest, the first in the series, is available at the introductory price of 99¢ at :

   To celebrate the new release of Spider Quest, I've also got some special giveaways for my readers and teachers. These "Secret Journals" are with comprehension questions, fun activities, mazes, word searches, art activities and secret journal entry pages. You can find out all about them and grab your FREE copy here:

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   It is my goal, with this book series, to help you turn your reluctant readers into voracious readers! Giving our students A NEW REASON TO READ is the ultimate satisfaction as reading is the gateway to their learning. What greater gift can we give them? Let's make learning with literature the best experience ever!


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