Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ocracoke Island and the Last Stand of Blackbeard Video
Price $6.00 This video tells a powerful story about Blackbeard on Ocracoke Island that will capture your attention. Ocracoke Island and the Last Stand of Blackbeard is ideal for students with a 5th grade reading level and above (with a good reading fluency) in the study of colonial history. This over 16 minute captioned fun-to-watch video has informational text, background music and footage of the Outer Banks area.

Student Objectives:

1. Read and comprehend informational text.

2. Develop reading fluency at a moderate pace.

3. Learn the history of a settlement beginning with indigenous cultures.

4. Define quotes from the colonial period.

Values Based Learning Skills

5. Understand one’s own values and consider those of others in beliefs, policies, and behaviors.

6. Reflect on concerns for the common good and practice of social values.

7. Develop an awareness of an issue to include complexities, dilemmas, costs and benefits.

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