Monday, September 11, 2017

Web Quest Learning

   I have always loved webquests. They are likened to treasure hunts used as a learning tool. 

The webquest helps learners to focus on a certain theme by involving them in a kind of adventure. Then, your students find information on a topic. Sometimes in the process, students portray certain characters, create products, join an expedition, or work as a group to create a presentation or solve a problem. So, a student might be able to use his or her own creativity in the learning action.

   Unfortunately, the freebie webquest is mostly an item of the past. There are many subscription type services where you can buy them now. But you, as a teacher, could make them yourself. Webquests can be time consuming to make. But, they can motivate and magnify your students' enjoyment of learning. This is cause enough to create them.

   There are many imaginative ways to present your concept ideas. Plus, you might decide to sell webquests on a subscription service, or from your own webpage. Here are some examples of web quests that I found on the Internet. Check them out.

Anasazi Web Quest
This web quest helps students learn about the Anasazi by traveling back in time.

California Indians
How did the natives survive? Students become representatives of a tribe and participate in an Indian ceremony.

Destroyers or Decomposers?
Do animals, such as vultures, only spread diseases, and contaminate crops? Learners find out about what certain and sometimes unwanted animals do for our environment.

Life on Plymouth Plantation
This web quest is about Plymouth Rock in 1620. Learners discover what life was like in the colonial period by participating in activities.

Oregon Trail
Explore the Oregon Trail as a scout. Then, tell the wagon train people what to look for in their journey.

Patriots in Petticoats
Learn about women who helped our nation become free and independent of Great Britain.

Pizza Family Reunion
Your mission to is make enough pizzas for a family reunion. Can you do it?

Who Wants to be a Millionare?
Discover how to earn, save and invest money to earn 1 million dollars in your lifetime.

Wonders of an Eclipse
Learners become president of science club while raising awareness about solar,  lunar eclipses and phases of the moon.

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