Sunday, October 8, 2017

19 Halloween Learning Ideas for Teachers

   Halloween and harvest are exciting events. From spooky houses to trick or treating, and corn mazes, it's a great time for families. But, it's also a fun time to learn, teach, and create. I've compiled a list of interesting ideas for teachers that will save you some time. I hope that you will use some of these ideas in your classroom this year!

Learning Ideas for Halloween

1. Make your own Jack O' Lantern, Halloween Letters, spelling cards, mosaics, puzzles for primary grades.

2. Halloween card creator, Happy Halloween with Arthur, Going Batty (need a web cam) and Cyber Chase  Disguise Combos.

3. Smarty Math Games with basic math facts practice.

4. Transylmania 2, Halloween Word Dig,Creepy Cooking and other elementary school games.

5. Halloween Mountain includes games with Halloween Hangman, Graveyard Golf, Skeleton Cannon and other games for elementary.

6. Printable worksheets and other games for Halloween for ESL.

7. Halloween and other memory games for primary aged students.

8. Halloween party games for elementary to middle school such as Pop goes the Pumkin, Pumkin Pinada, decorations such as Plaster Bones, spiders and more.

9. Halloween word search puzzles, such as Dracula's Word Search,  Scary Words Word Search, Creepy Crossword Puzzle and other puzzles.

10. 11 Classic Halloween Movies for Kids

11. 134 Halloween games with great animation.

12. Halloween Division Grade 4

13. Halloween Games, Catch the Candy, Natural selection 2 and other Haloween type games.

14. Teaching Ideas from Pinterest

15. 9 pages of Halloween ideas for ESL kids.

16. Halloween Stories by Chuck Larkin

17. Halloween Safety Coloring Book

18. Halloween Word Scramble

19. Halloween ideas from snacks to books to circle time songs.

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