Saturday, February 3, 2018

15 Great Teaching Ideas for February

1. Learn about  Rosa Parks on Refusing to Give Up Her Seat and Changing the World. Listen to her speech and interview.

2. Constitution Day Mexico: National Holiday:  

Try this Web Quest about Mexico.

3. Waitangi Day. New Zealand's National Holiday. Learn about New Zealand's National Holiday.

4. The Saami People's Day, Norway. Fishing Regulations and the Saami People. Learn about ideas of  Climate Justice in Sápmi: Áslat Holmberg.

5. Winter Olympics Events. PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games. Watch live streaming and best Olympic videos.

6. National Pizza Day. Take a quiz! Hands Off That Pizza! Quiz,

Thats Amore, and The Pizza Quiz.

7. Washington and Lincoln's Birthday. Create some Presidents Day Crafts.

8. Royal Hobart Regatta Australia (Tasmania) State Holiday. Read about Tasmania. What events would you like to join in?

9. World Radio Day. Watch: AT&T Operators Recall War of the Worlds Broadcast. Listen to: War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells.

10. Valentines Day. Have your student create free Printable Cards: Valentines Day for Kids.

11. Susan B Anthony. Read a Biography of Susan B. Anthony. Have your students create a time line or poster of her accomplishments.

12. Chinese New Year. Read about China Family Adventures.

13. Random Acts of Kindness Day. Download Random Acts of Kindness for Educators Resources. Choose the best ideas for your classes.

14. National Love Your Pet Day. Watch Love Your Pet Day. Have your class research, write, and draw about their pets or favorite animals.

15. National Chili Day. Try some great chili recipes and have a teacher-parent cook-off! Great day for instructing students in measurement and fractions.

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