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Please Welcome, Karen Greaves, Technology Specialist

About Karen

   I've worked in training & education in UK for over 17 years. When I first started out in teaching, there were not many affordable, good quality resources for sale, and most of them were paper-based.  


   I’m a bit of a technology geek. So, I ended up making my own and found that I got a real buzz out of making them. I decided if I ever got the chance, I would set up my own little business to provide fun and engaging resources at reasonable prices. I know how tight time is as a teacher and, it’s so stressful!

   My main background is teaching IT. I have several years’ experience as an ILT Champion. I have also been a key lead in Key Skills and Functional Skills as well as a personal tutor, internal verifier and NVQ assessor.

   I still enjoy learning new skills and mastering new software.  Helping other people is a hobby that I am absolutely euphoric about!

Embedding Technology in the Classroom

   Embedding Technology in your classrooms, using individual computers, an interactive whiteboard, iPads or mobile phones can be very beneficial to student learning.

   There are some great online assessment tools out there. OK, they take a little bit of effort on your part, but they can be extremely effective. Here are just a couple of examples for you to take a look at. I have used both of these, and they have worked very well in classes.

Triptico Plus

What is Triptico?

‘Triptico is a collection of interactive resources which enable imaginative educators to create engaging learning in their classroom or workplace. Creating, saving, adapting and sharing interactive learning content is easy with Triptico.’

   An individual yearly subscription costs UK £20, USA $27.00, EURO €21, AUD $30.00.


What is Quizlet?

   Quizlet is a free website for teachers and students where they can create digital flashcards. Quizlet can automatically generate interactive games and other assessment methods from the original flash card content.  Quizlet changes one document into 7 different assessment methods!

   Activities can be accessed from anywhere on computers, smartphones, tablets. You can even get a printed version. Content can also be embedded into a VLE, thereby giving the learner autonomy on their preferred method of assessment.

   Get a teacher account with even more tools. Visit the Website: for more information.

Technology in Use

   Triptico is great for collaborating with other tutors teaching similar subjects as you can share and use what you make with your peers.  It provides you with the tools to make professional looking content quickly!

   I've used this technology mostly on an interactive whiteboard so that I can get my students out of their seats and up participating.  They love clicking on the whiteboard or being in charge of controlling it.  This tool also helps to generate competition, so it's great for work in pairs or, small groups etc.

   There are just so many tools to choose from – check out the website for full details.


   Quizlet is great for differentiation – all 7 methods of assessments offer a unique experience.  Again, individual, pair, small group and whole groups can be accommodated. 

   The matching game has a timer and encourages healthy competition between groups. Although, the games can be manic sometimes as students want to better their own score and those of their peers.

   Being able to embed into a VLE is great, as this allows individual students to interact in or outside of class.

   The teacher subscription also allows you to create a classroom environment, so that activities can happen simultaneously within the classroom. It also gives you the opportunity to view the analytics.

     Interactive Digital Products from Resources & Courses

   Looking for something that doesn't involve cost, time or energy? Maybe you just want something different? Then, look no further. 

   Visit my store today, and take a look at all the DIGITAL INTERACTIVE products available.  There is plenty to choose from. There is a variety of activities, starters, games, puzzles, lessons & quizzes, all at extremely reasonable prices.  All digital products come in the following formats, swf.pdf and/or html.

   Here are a few of examples of how these interactive products can be used in the classroom with your students.

   Word Search – great for introducing technical vocabulary on a particular subject.  Two formats for the interactive game offers a time constraint-free option and a timed option which can encourage healthy competition among individuals, pairs and small groups.  Alternatively, the word search can be used with whole groups through an interactive whiteboard; this encourages individual participation and gets students out of their chairs. A paper-based version is also included. Try an extension activity  and look words up using online dictionaries or try paper-based version. Present findings/examples (pair work).

   Crossword – great as a consolidation exercise on the technical vocabulary from the word search. This crossword follows the same format as above. These two digital products are supplied in html format. However, my findings indicate these did not work well in Safari or Microsoft Edge when tested). There are paper-based versions that are also included).

             Graded Quizzes & Spot the Difference Puzzle

   Take a look at the video preview to see the content contained in this set of Olympic Games resources, which covers a Word Search, Spot the Difference & a Quiz. It's a chance to see the resources in action.  The quizzes are great for individual assessments. The Spot the Difference Puzzle helps students with proofreading skills.

                                        Matching Games
   What about a bit of fun on a miserable day, or as a treat for all the hard work completed? This is a great activity which can be played individually, in pairs or small groups. It's usually a timed game of approximately 2–3 minutes.  There are choices of matching images, images to text can be used if preferred, or text to text (e.g. to unscramble words). The example (below) shows text to text using maths multiplication. The answer has to be matched correctly. An extension activity or exciting challenge for students might be Catch the Numbers game. Students have to catch the answers in a basket using a computer keyboard, space bar, left and right arrow keys. Great fun!

     If you have an idea for a resource, or see something that you like, but would like a variation of that resource, please contact me. I am happy to do this for you. I can be contacted at



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