Monday, August 20, 2018

18 September Learning Ideas

September is a great month to try...

1.  Pumpkin Fall Experiments

   Pumpkin science and STEM activities featuring pumpkin cano, pumpkin slime, and exploring pumpkin guts. 

2.  Fall Books 
literature for reading centers and classroom library.

3.  Fall Bulletin Board Display Ideas   
new ideas for your bulletin boards.

4. Fall Festival Ideas 
planning an old fashioned festival for your community, families, school and friends.

5. Create Crafts  
Button Indian Corn to Delicious Fall Harvest Soup Mix  and a great variety of craft ideas.

6. Celebrate Autumn 
sorting leaves and seeds following this model.

7.  Science Experiments
lego trees, pinecone weather station, making leaf people, fall sensory rice trays.

8.  Freebie Math Packets
Domino Addition Sheet, Large Domino Die to Cut and Roll, and Roll a Pumpkin.

9.  How Heavy is a Pumpkin?
   a PVC pipe frame balance 

10. Fall Math Pumpkin Hunt a walk with clipboards, and pumpkin counting tens frames, to a pumpkin patch. Although demonstrated for Pre-K can be adjusted to fit math for primary children.

 a leaf scavenger hunt with these printable cards.

Haiku, animal migration, poetry, Ode to Autumn audio tape, Vivaldi and the Four Seasons.

word walls, and printable writing prompts.

sensory activities, exploring and art projects.

traveling the world with DLTK ideas for social studies crafts

this story about fall and weatherologist Papa Bear and the Berenstain Bears.

a  short video about chemical changes in leaves for upper elementary.

18.  Autumn Video
watching New England and the season with music by Vivaldi.

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  1. Thanks for sharing ideas of making creative things by pumpkin in autumn season. I would like to share this with all relatives and friends who have children and want to learn new things to their children.


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