Monday, November 5, 2018

Winter Learning Fun Ideas

   Is winter really here now? Maybe not yet. But, a teacher has got to plan. What can be done for winter learning fun on a budget? 

1. Hide and Seek Turkey

This free turkey template shows you what you'll need and how to make it. Every few weeks, get some free templates or craft ideas from this site. If you are in the area, there are free craft class for kids.

2. Edible Finger Paint Recipes

Learn how to make non-toxic finger paint for activities with kids.

3. Use Arts and Crafts in English Lessons

Ten tips to integrate English Language Arts activities in the classroom and focus on learning objectives at the same time.

4. 28 Winter Crafts for Kids

From ice catchers to edible bird feeders, and paper plate Arctic foxes, this site has very interesting and creative learning ideas to try... and the cutest puffy paint polar bear face!

5. Great Reasons for Arts and Crafts

Read this great article about the benefits of arts and crafts. Try making snowflakes and creating cards for friends.

6. Winter Crafts

Construction paper strips and doilies make beautiful snowmen!

7. Winter Themed Educational Tools

Lesson plans and activities for pre-k until high school are available here to download. An excellent unit geared for upper elementary and through high school is Weather Scope: An Investigative Study of Weather and Climate.

8. Teaching Outside in Winter

From Project Learning Tree, some useful ideas on how to teach out-of-doors in winter. Make snow animals for younger students,  identify trees for upper elementary and a whole module on forests for high school students.

9. Winter STEM Activities

Crystal growing, making winter lava maps, and igloo challenges are great fun!

10. Winter Science Ideas

Oobleck, snowman slime, snowstorm in a jar are just some of these indoor science activities.

Be back soon with some holiday learning ideas for your classroom!

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