Sunday, April 5, 2020

FLASH FREEBIE from Now Until ?

FLASH FREEBIE In Grocery Store Math Change from $20.00 For Google Slideslearners solve real world money problems. Grocery Store Math Change from $20.00 For Google Slides™ can be used as distance learning, a whole group activity and as a math center. This lesson includes directions on how to solve one or two step problems for students, examples of two ways to solve for money word problems, and 30 questions.
Grocery Store Math Change from $20.00 in color is available here.
Grocery Store Math Change from $20.00 black and white print version is available here.
Grocery Store Math Change from $20.00 For Google Slides™ is easy to use and with no prep.
Why use Google Slides™ in your lesson plans?
  • Learners can work on the assignment from home and log on to their computer, tablet or laptop
  • Teachers choose the file from their Google Drive.
  • The file is added to lesson plans as an assignment for learners
  • Students click, read information, calculate, and then write answers from their computer onto their paper
  • Early computer skills and navigating digitally aids students in their school career and future jobs
  • High engagement and fun!

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