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Please Welcome Mme Sutherland


Laying the Basis for a Love of French Language Learning


  Hello everyone! I am very excited and grateful for the opportunity to be featured on TiePlay Educational Resource and share my love for French Language Learning. Today, I will highlight a few of my favorite ways to create a positive and supportive French language environment and share one of my favorite teaching resources, which provides an opportunity for young learners to snuggle up with family and share their love of language learning.

                                                About Me

 I am a French Immersion teacher currently residing in the Ottawa area. I completed my Bachelor of Education in New Brunswick and have been teaching in the Ottawa area for 4 years now. I have taught French Immersion from Kindergarten to Gr. 8 as well as Core French in various elementary grades. I am currently LOVING teaching French Immersion in Kindergarten, where learning opportunities can be found anywhere and each new experience is beyond exciting. My Kinders have taught me so much and have brought many rewarding experiences to my teaching portfolio.

                               Creating a Love for French Language Learning

   I am often asked by parents if their child should remain in French Immersion. My belief is that a child who enjoys taking part in our French learning activities and feels accomplished in some way in their French Language learning journey is a child who will succeed. Creating a positive and supportive French Language learning environment is the basis to building confident language learners who will succeed with a growth mindset, and are engaged in learning activities. Here are a few of my favorite ways to create a positive and supportive French Language learning environment:

                                              Games Based Learning

   Games are a fun and engaging way to motivate students in the French Language classroom. Games are fun and create an easily relatable objective to a young learner. The mindset of a game creates an environment where everyone gets a turn, it is OK to make a mistake and we can always restart the game and play again! A great outdoor colours game for Kindergarten where students learn, run and have fun can be found at IDELLO, “Le marchand de couleurs”

                                         Sharing Successes

 Finding the opportunity to share a success of each student is a great way to build confidence and community within learners. I love ending the day with a closing circle, where I ask students to share something, such as, how a friend helped them that day. It is a rewarding opportunity to see each student light up when being recognized for their kind actions – it is even more rewarding when it is for helping them with French related learning, “P helped me find les crayons” or “K helped me write the word chat”. 

                             Creating Opportunities to Share French Language

   In the play-based learning classroom dominated by Anglophone learners, creating opportunities to speak French can sometimes be challenging. A fun and relatable way to encourage authentic French language learning is at the snack table! After recognizing the amazing conversations happening at our open snack table, I wondered how I could direct those conversations to French language learning. As a group, we had learned food vocabulary and how to say “Can you open this”. I began encouraging French conversation at the snack table by asking friends “Qu’est-ce que tu manges?” and if a student asked me to open a snack for them I would ask if anyone at the snack table could help our friend. There was always an eager handful of students willing to help another! So the question “Peux-tu ouvrir ceci” (Can you open this?) would be asked around the snack table, encouraging more student led French language learning.


               My Resources - Inspiring French Language Learning at Home

   Many Kindergarten classes have an at home reading program where students take home an alphabet book or easy reader and share this book with their family at home. I believe this creates an amazing opportunity for young readers to cuddle up with family members and share their reading journey and achievements. I wanted to offer this same opportunity to my French Immersion Kindergarten class but could not find simple alphabet readers in French. That is what inspired me to make this resource, a set of 24 Alphabet readers in French, which begin with just one word per page, building the confidence of the reader. Each alphabet book then repeats the vocabulary in a simple, repetitive sentence, helping young readers recognize French sight words. I also offer these Alphabet Books in an online, interactive BOOM Cards version which includes audio for independent reading and for parents who may have questions about pronunciation. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!!


French Alphabet Books + Interactive BOOM Cards



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