Friday, January 15, 2021

Math in Our Lives by Vijay Babu



                                               About  Vijay Babu

   I am a math teacher and an entrepreneur who is very much interested in delivering highly informative and interactive educational resources for fellow teachers which helps them to deliver lectures to their students in the best possible way. I am very much interested in making education affordable for the children. I would probably start my educational technology company soon to give students the best educational content at a very affordable cost. I wish all teachers the best of luck in their journey of life as a person and also as an instructor.

                                           Math in Our Lives

I want to discuss the importance of maths in our daily life. Math is very important in any person's life. Everywhere around you is math, from your childhood primary school where you sit in a class solving different problems from adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing numbers, to solving complex problems in calculus as a graduate student.

Without knowing math you can't live your life in a financially organized manner. It is important for any person to organize a household budget in order to increase financial strength. If you don't know the four fundamental operations in math, controlling expenses and increasing a savings would be a hardship. So, it is very important for all to apply math in some form or fashion.

These higher math applications of math are important as well. If you see a popular sport such as cricket, then the trajectory of the shot a batsmen plays is determined by a parabolic, which is a quadratic equation. The shape of Earth, which is spherical, can be detemined by the radius of curvature. There are numerous applications of math.

Even though math is an important skill, many people are afraid to learn it thinking that it is too difficult for them. This attitude towards math is absolutely wrong and students shouldn't have to struggle. Learning math can be simple when students are taught concepts in a very easy, understandable manner. So, math is very easy when the teacher teaches you in the best possible way.

In my math class, my students feel the that math lessons are understandable, and not so difficult after all. So I have thought, why shouldn't I give the same content to students all over the world? I am now sharing my own resources which I use in my class to help other teachers. So, I have started my own Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

One can find all different educational resources related to Math for grades 6-12. I always try my best to give the best possible content.

Try these math products. Please let me know how you like them.

Vijay Babu
Vijay's Maths Academy

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