Sunday, August 1, 2021

Donald's English Classroom and US Maps and Puzzles

                                      About Donald Kinney

I am a retired teacher/publisher with 25 years experience teaching English language courses in Japan and have been a TpT author for eight years. Now living in Austin, TX, I create fun and flexible resources with a focus on student engagement and interactivity. Since 2000, my two brothers and I have been selling a line of English language textbooks on the Japanese market that focus on younger English language learners.

              Map Puzzles & Learning

Oh, the locations, locations, locations. How can learners easily memorize geography? Try using these fun and amazing digital mapping tools. Your class will learn 
  • names
  • abbreviations
  • shapes
  • regions
  • capitals
of the United States with these easy to use products. Paperless maps are differentiated to reach a wide range of student abilities. Digital maps can be used for beginners who are just learning about the US, to middle school students learning about state capitals and history. 

Visual aids, such as maps, help to support learning by enabling the student to associate pictures with the ideas and concepts at hand.

Try a free sampling of the 150 slides of this resource by  downloading a full USA Map Puzzle on Powerpoint. This file is also compatible to Regional Maps worksheets and is included in the Regional Maps Worksheets Bundle

Let me know how well these digital resources work in your classroom!


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