Saturday, August 14, 2021

Free Back to School Vocabulary Word Search Puzzle


                               This Week's Puzzle 

                          Free Back to School Word Search 

These word search puzzles are 100% free, just print and go or display on your online classroom (see below for the link to this freebie).

                         Back to School

                      Word Search for Vocabulary

How can a back to school word search be used as a classroom or distance learning environment activity?


Teachers can present the word search puzzle in either a face to face or online format.

🙅   Instructors can discuss academic terms most often used in multiple disciplines in this Back to School Vocabulary Word Search 

🙋 Students participate by finding the words in the search 

💪  Learners can be timed on how long it takes to find a word in the search 

😍 Students can use each of the words in a sentence and compare notes

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