The Indispensable Bee

Watch out for those stinging bees! Soon the sight of sight of spring flowers will bring busy bees out of their nests. Bees may sometimes seem to be pesky. But, bees are pollinators. Bees carry pollen to plants as they look for nectar. Bees and other insects pollinate much of our fruits, vegetables, nuts and other edible plants. Unfortunately, according to experts, the bee population may become depleted. The predicament of the bumble bee impacts wildlife and us all. Learn more about the important bubble bee with this collection of lesson plan packets, videos, songs and ideas for your classroom and school. Who knows? Maybe your class or school could spot and report bees, sponsor a beehive or apply for a grant and create a community wildflower garden for pollinators!

Flight of the Bumble Bee,  Lang Lang Pianist
Lesson plans, printable activities and assessment
Bee Education Lesson Plan and Booklet
Anatomy of a bee
Spot and Report Bees
Honey Bee  Life Cycle
Honey Bee Time lapse
Amazing Time-Lapse: Bees Hatch Before Your Eyes National Geographic
Aesop's Tale - The Bear & The Bees by Appuseries 
Nature: The Nature of the Bees? The Importance of Bees (advanced)
Sponsor a Bee Hive
Climate Kids: NASA’S Eyes ON Earth. A Bee is More than a Bug
How-To Project: Establishing a Wildflower Meadow
by National Gardening Association Editors
P. Allan Smith How to Grow Wildflowers
Seeds for Education - Grants for School Gardens and Community Nature Areas 
Download Carpenter Bees Pest I.D Card
And Killer Bee Info Sheets
Lesson Activities

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