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   Hi, I'm Lynn from TiePlay Educational Resources. I've worked with children for over fourteen years. It is great to be able to create kid friendly learning & teaching tools for educators. 

                                                HONORS & AWARDS

   It's a honor to have teacher guest authors from around the world to share their wonderful ideas. Want to join us and become a TiePlay guest author, too? Just fill out the form,  Guest Blog. 

   Tieplay Educational Resources has been a featured author on Teacher's Notebook.com, Minds in Bloom, What I Have Learned, Quest Teaching. In October 2017, Halloween Gnome Town Map Skills was a featured product on Teacher's Notebook and TN article Increase Classroom Student Engagement .


                                                   EDUCATIONAL HISTORY

ED.S Curriculum and Teaching, M. Ed Education, Technology, and B.S. Exceptional Child, Learning Disabilities

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