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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Welcome Back to School and Distance Learning

Many students and teachers are heading back to school and in a distance learning situation. How should students and parents prepare for this new environment? Here are some helpful tips that may help your children to succeed. 

 1. Organize a study place. 
 The place of study at home could be a nook in a room with a bean bag chair, a traditional desk, yoga mat or all three. Whatever makes your child comfortable in the 6 hour long work day. You might even decide to have several study locations available for a change of pace. Add his or her school work schedule in a prominent location. Provide shelving or designate a place for reference materials, books, craft materials and other electronic devices. You and your child can craft decorations for the study place, add a colorful plant and provide inspirational posters. Scented plug ins for the room will give a nice aroma, such as lavender, pumpkin spice or vanilla. 

 2. Create a checklist of daily work for the week.
After creating the checklist, have your learner check off the assignments as they go. 

 3. Highlight due dates. 
Some work may not be due until the end of the week. Have your child work on the assignment daily or as required, so that the work will be completed in the best possible way and not all at once. 

 4. Create a distance learning work routine that includes breaks. 
 Some classes might be at a certain time of day where your child will need to be present online to contribute to the topic. Plan around these times and offer a time to relax, and off of the computer device. What does your child like to do? It may be time to make a craft, ride a bike, fiddle around in a garden, or draw and play some music. Try to limit computer or online games in favor of physical activities.

 5. Decide if you want to monitor the daily work or use a trust system. 
Make sure the assignments are completed or if your child is mature, use the trust system. Having a student learn to develop ownership of his or her learning is so important. But, sometimes when children are not ready to take on such a large task, parents need to check the work. Last year, a math teacher called the day before the end of the quarter to say not all work had been completed in my child's math class. This led to a race to the finish for my child to complete the work. How much real learning can be done in this manner? 

 6. Reward, reward, reward. 
Noted, work is not always rewarded in the regular work world. But, a child is not in the traditional work world yet. So, when your child has checked off all the work for the day or week, allow them to choose a reward. Having a treasure box or goody bag at home filled with small toys, crafts, squishy or slime and clay can make the end of the school week more fun. Also, playing family board games such as bingo or chess, having an indoor or outdoor picnic, or family movie with popcorn can provide something to look forward to for your learners during the week.

Stay safe!

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

15 Happy December Learning Holiday and Observances

Thinking about what to do in the days before winter break? How about learning about December holidays and observances from near and far. I've assembled a few ideas here.

December 1-24, 2019
All about how to create a book advent calendar.

Christmas Bird Count Week 
December 14, 2019 - January 5, 2020
Learn about how to participate in the Audubon Christmas Bird Count. Get materials and resources to conduct your count.

Computer Science Education Week 
December 1-7, 2019
Learn how to get resources for computer science education.

Cookie Exchange Week 
 December 16-20, 2019
A list of fun ideas from cookie parties to baking for charity.

Evening of December 22, 2019 through Evening of December 30, 2019
Learn about this holiday and create a dreidel craft.

Evening of December 26, 2019 - January 1, 2020
Try activities such as making a drum, candle or wreath.

National Bible Week 
November 24, 2019 - December 1, 2019
Ideas on what to do during National Bible Week, from sharing favorite scripture verses, to giving away a Bible.

December 16-24
Crafts, skits and more activities to celebrate Posadas.

National Pastry Day 
December 9
Make or try a new type of pastry.

Kaleidoscope Day 
December 11
Try making a Kaleidoscope from simple materials.

Gingerbread House Day 
December 12
Ideas for candy free gingerbread houses... or not.

National Cocoa Day 
December 12
Lots of cocoa recipes here such as peppermint, eggnog, and Mexican.

National Wreaths Across America Day 
December 14, 2019 (Second Saturday in December)
Sponsor a veterans' wreath, volunteer or donate to a local group.

National Cupcake Day 
December 15
Cook up one or more of these cupcake batches.

Wright Brothers Day 
December 17
Read about the Wright brothers.

Watch a video about the Wrights.

Have some great holiday fun!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Summer Learning Journeys

I've found these cool summer learning fun activities for summer school, parents and the homeschooler.

A terrific site with ideas for summer learning in a small amount of time. Cute organizational worksheets are free. A reading list is available for Kindergarten to young adults makes finding good books easy.

 Math problems to be solved in the problem of the week along with key in the following week.

Play a mars rover game and look for water. Find out about other interactive mars games, sending postcards and new discoveries.

A science project dedicated to pollinators, get free bee identification cards and sign up for various programs.

5. Learn all about birdhouses

Know what kind of species you can attract by making different sorts of birdhouses. Also learn about species of birds in your area.


Free Preschool and Kindergarten learning packets to download made by a reading teacher.

7.  Ocean activities for kids sensory crafts printables educational

Designed for primary grades, octopus crafts, egg carton turtles, to jigglin' jellyfish cupcakes, these fun, sensory oceanic projects will keep your students' attention.

8.  30 fun summer ideas for teens and their parents

From family fitness routines and reading groups to service projects, these ideas might be shown to parents.


8o more ideas for summer such as, putting on a magic show, building a clubhouse or fort, skipping rocks, having a garage sale, creating a lemonade stand and more.


Learn a foreign language, such as Spanish, with this award winning program.


Give parents some helpful hints on what to do this summer to have their children to continue to learn.


A nice summer packet with make-a-science kit suggestions, watch chemical reactions with baking soda and vinegar, create a simple machine, use scissors and play dough for motor skills.


Coding for grades 3-5 has a free trial period.


Summer printables and learning worksheets for elementary school students.


Camping themes for math, science and literacy, songs, poems, recipes and crafts for elementary school students.


Dancing raisins? Homemade bouncing balls? Floating versus sinking eggs? Try these and 12 more science experiments for elementary children.

Friday, February 8, 2019

18 Winter Learning and Teaching Ideas

18 Winter Learning and Teaching Ideas

Got the winter blahs? Looking for some new teaching ideas to inspire your students? Well, bring on the snowflakes and flurries with these amazing ideas.

1. Fine Motor Skills

Work on fine motor skills with these winter craft ideas, from Marshmallow Letter activities and Hammering into Ice  to sorting in a sensory bin.                                                                                                                                                 
2. Sensory Play Learning

Gotta try Snowflake Slime and Hot Chocolate Scented Cloud Dough!

3. Winter Books and Crafts

A nice selection of winter books along with matching crafts to do.

4. Winter Science Experiments

Snow Volcanoes? Snow storm in a Jar? Biology of Bread? Find it here for primary grades.

5. Winter Solstice Activities

Try Classic Medallion Snowflakes, Orange Bird Feeder, and reading some winter books.

6. Winter Storytelling Activities

Make a Fairy Land, Make your own Ice Palace, Learn to Read with Speech Bubbles are just of few of these activities made to inspire imagination and play.

7. STEM Activities

Indoor Soil Science and Engineering Challenge, Explore Force & Motion with STEAM Activities, Homemade Pan Flutes and more.

8. Learn about Arctic Animals

Arctic Animals Camouflage, Arctic animal identification, Blubber experiment to learn about Arctic animal adaptations and other fun ideas to try.

9. Winter Observation Journal

10. Free Winter Printables

11. 55 Winter Olympic Activities and Crafts for Kids

Ski Jump 3-d Art, Balloon Hockey, Luge Marble Track Race Indoor Game, Tacky the Penguin and the Winter Math Games, Winter Sports Writing, free printables, and other original ideas for indoor learning and play.

12. Winter Terrarium

13. Investigate Winter Weather

Click winter storm activities for lesson plans on investigating the weather.

14. Winter Themed Classroom Ideas

The Shadow Knows I, Hibernation Worksheet, Daylight Savings Time, Ping-Pong Avalanches, Extreme Cold Prevention Guide,Starry Night Education and other ideas for elementary grades.

15. Winter Learning Packets

 Elementary, Middle and High School student packets to promote academic success during winter break. Great idea for an intervention tool or homework idea.

16. Pre K-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide (for winter, too)

Apply for a grant for project funding or attend a training for the teaching materials.

17. Lists and Rules of Olympic sports

18. Snowy Day Winter Lessons

Precipitation-Inspired Problems, Weather's Effect on History, Snowy Prose: Snow Day Adventure Story, Snowy Poetry and more.

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