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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Free Arthropod Phylum Science Academic Vocabulary Word Search for Teachers

              Happy Summer, Teachers!

Classes will be returning soon for a new school year. In the weeks to come, I'll be presenting you with some free word search puzzles. Word search puzzles are fun to solve, and can also be educational. 

These word search puzzles are 100% free, just print and go or display on your online classroom (see below for the link to this freebie).

              This Week's Puzzle for Science

Free Arthropod Phylum Science Vocabulary Word Search 

How can science word searches be used as a classroom or distance learning environment activity?


😀 Teachers can present the words search puzzle in either a face to face or online format

😀   Instructors can discuss each term of the Arthropod Phylum Science Vocabulary Word Search 

✋  Students participate by finding the words in the search 

👍  Learners can also create a science journal with the science terms and meaning of the academic words 

😎  Students can get creative by drawing pictures or finding photos to cut and paste into a journal


Arthropod Phylum Science Vocabulary Word Search and Key Activity can be used with academic standards for student grade range of upper elementary through middle school.

                                  Next Week 

💗 another freebie for teachers!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Please Welcome Fun Science with Mr Chun

First of all, I would like to thank Lynn of TiePlay Educational Resources, LLC, for giving me this opportunity as a guest blogger.

                                                                        About Tim Chun

   I am from Bayside, New York but I currently reside in Houston, Texas. I have been teaching for about 18 years and have taught students in grades 7-12 and currently teach biology & aquatics science. My most recent journey on Teachers pay Teachers began about a year ago. I am now starting my blog this year. I will be sharing about how to implement strategies in the classroom on my blogs. One of the things that I love to incorporate into my classroom is the Escape Room.

Student Engagement

   Student engagement is one of the most challenging obstacles in the classroom. The teacher will not be able to teach their lesson because they are disciplining the student and then students in the classroom will get frustrated because of all the disruptions. Does this sound familiar?

Escape Room Challenges

   One of the ways I solved this issue was to implement an Escape Room in the classroom. All I did was walk around the room and facilitate. There was engagement from all of my students because they were cooperating, communicating, paying attention to details, and having great teamwork. There was a 30-minute time limit for this activity. Here are some helpful tips when you implement the Escape Room activity in your classroom.

1.         Before you begin this lesson, make sure that you place students into groups of less than 3. Students need to get along in order to have a successful escape room lesson. Make certain that students are able to work with each other prior to implementing this lesson and confirm with them as well. This will assure you that there will be fewer issues on the day you are planning this Escape Room activity.       

2.         Make sure that your students have prior knowledge of the subject that you are using for the Escape Room. For example, I used the Virus Escape Room in my classroom but I didn’t plan on using this lesson until the end of my unit and used it more as a formative assessment. If the students have not built up their knowledge of the topic, their frustration level will be higher than normal. Students will begin to shut down. In order to minimize this, it is best that you use this towards the end of your unit plan.                                                   

3.         Let your students know that you are planning an escape room activity so that they are looking forward to that day. In 2019, I implemented 2 Escape Room activities. When I told my students that I was planning to do this activity, my students looked forward to that day.                                                   

4.     Challenge your students. There is only a 30% success rate in the actual Escape Room.

5.         As you walk around the room, provide support to students who are struggling with the clues.

  At the end of this activity, all of my students were able to remain focus and think outside of the box in the classroom and complete each task. They had lasting memories of my class and these are lessons that are very valuable that they will not forget.


Tim Chun

Teach 100