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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

And It's Spring 15 Classroom Learning Activities

Spring Classroom Learning Activities

1. Growing Seeds

All of us know about growing seeds, but growing seeds in an eggshell? Have your students observe what is happening at each stage of a seed's growth.

2. At Risk Species

From the National Wildlife Federation students in grade 3-4 and 5-8 learn about what makes a species at risk for extinction.

3. Anemometer

Build an anemometer and find out about wind speeds.

4. Make a Nature Journal

Print out the Sierra Club nature journal template and begin recording observations of the outdoors.

5. Spring Puzzles

Spring themed fun puzzles for elementary grades.

6. Spring Festival of Colors

Learn about this unique Indian festival.

7. News for Kids

This newspaper for children tells of current events in the world.

8. Spring Poem

Create a spring acrostic poem with this worksheet.

9. Reading Challenge

Have your students read to win.

10. Spring Tales Reading Challenge

Free worksheets to go along with the books.

11. Exercise Games

Hallway bowling? Sock skating around the room? Bubble Smashing? Fun exercise games for indoor class activities.

12. Science Activities

 Fourteen STEM science experiments for students.

13. Best Fantasy Books

The ten best fantasy books for young readers. Spot some of your favorites?

14. Spring Music

Sing poetry with these lyrics and classic tunes.

15. Music Tools

Music worksheet templates and materials for your classroom.