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Monday, March 16, 2020

Teaching Raptor

Please welcome guest author, Teaching Raptor from Georgia. 

I am a Georgia teacher who often brags to my colleagues that I teach the best grade ever – second grade! While I love this grade, I have found 3-digit subtraction to be a very challenging topic for students to master. Year by year I have been tailoring my lessons to help students tackle this topic.

The best thing I have done so far is develop this:

Think of the mistakes that your students make when subtracting with regrouping:

·        They cross out only one number.
·        They cross out all the numbers.
·        They make both numbers bigger.

They do things to those numbers you’ve never seen before. It is truly impressive, but none of those things are errors relating to subtraction. Those are all errors that relate to the core understanding of what regrouping is. If students are making these mistakes, what you need to provide support in is building their mental representations of how hundreds, tens, and ones are related.

This bundle offers you the opportunity to target the concept of regrouping. Students will not be subtracting. The activities have been developed so that students will interact with the place value concept of regrouping over and over. You know what they say: brains need repetition.

What is included:



-      All cards have answers on the back so students can check their work

-      Differentiate by choosing if you will have students work with manipulatives, the cards with visuals, or the cards with no visuals

-      When using the cards with no visuals, tell students to imagine what is happening before writing their answer down. This is an important bridge that encourages students to be creating mental representations.

  • Use in a small group with manipulatives  for reteaching
  • -      Use the cards with white boards to allow students to get extra practice
  • -      Play scoot with the included recording pages to get students moving around but still working with the same concept 
  • -      Have students complete the regrouping journals. Reading their writing will help you learn their true level of  understanding

-      Also, make sure to pull these cards back out when students start putting all the steps of subtraction together. My kids “warm up” with 2 or 3 regrouping cards before subtracting to get those regrouping juices flowin’. After using this bundle the only thing you’ll have left to teach is *WHEN* students should regroup.


 For more Teaching Raptor learning materials, go to Teachingraptor on TPT.