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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

FLASH FREEBIE For Google Slides™ Deserted Island Survivor Writing Unit



Ready to write about a castaway survivor on a deserted island? In Deserted Island Survivor Writing Prompts Unit For Google Slides™, learners choose to write a story or narrative about humorous castaway scenes with writing prompts. At the end of the unit, our castaway is rescued. Deserted Island Survivor Writing Prompts For Google Slides™ can be used as a distance learning tool, a whole group presentation or as a center station for 5th grade and middle school students. This amazing slideshow is ready to go.

Why use Google Slides™ in your lesson plans?

  • Learners can work on the assignment from home and log on to their computer, tablet or laptop
  • Teachers choose the file from their Google Drive
  • The file is added to lesson plans as an assignment for learners in Google Classroom
  • Students click, read information and then write from their computer onto their paper or open up a new window, write on a document, print or save writings to flash drive
  • Early computer skills and navigating digitally aids students in their school career and future jobs
  • High engagement and fun!

For Google Slides™ Deserted Island Survivor Writing Prompts includes...

  • how to use
  • writer's checklist
  • writing rubric
  • 17 days of writing journal entries with writing prompts and castaway photographs
  • great for establishing a writing routine